Samstag, April 28, 2012


1500 Kloppstöcke
98 kg Kleister
unbedingt auch Hebbelkraft
224 Kubikmeter Schillerlocken
4 Millionen Tonnen Morgensterne
2 Sack voll Ringelnattern
7 Vogelweiden
ganz viel Kästnererz
und alle Herderringe

Samstag, April 21, 2012


Huba Buba Bubblegum 

allet fängt zu zucken an
drück den Beatnic nerv die Waden 

schlemmer Noten spick den Spaten
stürz dich in die Dissonanzen 

fang jetz endlich an zu tanzen
Arme Beine Muskelstrenge 

wirf jetz allet in die Länge
schalt dein Hirn aus denke 

mit der Hüfte dem Jelenke
Susa Struwel Philip Zappel 

machet wie die Zitterpappel
twitter deinen Zellensaft 

pump dich voll mit Lebenskraft
Norden Sudhaus Anker Westen 

gen Osten rüttelt sichs am besten
verbrate Meerschaum Energie 

schüttel dreh dich wie mal pi
freudig stampfen hebeln rudern 

und mit Blütenstaub sich pudern
Meister Schüler Rumpelriese 

mach die Frühlingsrolle spriesse
jeder Star tauft seinen Ast 

singt aus voller Brust bläßt Brast
oben schreit die Hemisphäre 

geozentrisch dreh dich nähre
leg die Ohren an zerschreie 

Wurzel Knorz und Strunk befreie
jede Zelle teilt jetzt aus 

stirbt den Heldentod wächst raus
wachsam ungeduldig aufmerksam 

schau ich mir det Janze an.

Montag, April 09, 2012

My love,

again a few words have passed and the ground between
them is now frozen. The language has become harder, the
breathing heavier. When I get outside of the door, I see
way morewool than fur. My rhythm of speech has slowed
down and the information density has increased. Driven
by their own motivation nobody wants to get down anymore.
In yesterday's newspaper I read about the patterns of
possibilities in metropolitan areas. It was about the diffusion
and penetration of communication poles. Walking around in
circles without any dimensions. Agravic determining in
between slangs. During moments like these no virus is able
to find any supporting material. Everything is then subjected
to the design process. God = process. Glaube an deine Arbeit.
The constant change between waves and particles seems to be
like composting. You then start to understand that there's no
last link to the chain, that everything you now think, say or do
is completed within all the others before and after.
No start, no end. You get to the footage gestures just like that.
Communicate in dialect gestures and pretend everything would
be 1: infinity. Yup. Seen in the mirror, this formula exposes
itself as being a wrinkle. And the smoking starts again in your
head. And the queen of the bees dances the words
"The statement is so wrong that not even the opposite is true."
Then she flies back home and eats gelée royal from the delicacy
cave. The secretaries smoking-hot love gasoline secretions of
their food-juice-soup-gland and upper-water-jaw-gland.
A found meal as they would say. Talking about scoring, this
FAT SALT SUGAR SEX I sent to you is the last version. I'm
now considering whether or not to incursively cut two-thirds
of the glass from the picture frame, so that there would be a
possibility of an uncontrolled access to steal the sheet or to
edit it, like a thought's or respectively an idea's exposure,
to intend a possible access, just to see how this earth's respect
enhances itself on ways inaccessible to me within that
composted thought. I believe in a cycle of things, we still can't
understand. I myself lean on to the liar's invention, and examine
the incomplete reality. This world is so close to me.
Greetings from Berlin. Bruno

Für SOMEMAGAZIN.COM Ausgabe Autumn 2012 a letter from

Samstag, April 07, 2012


Hase an Karotte
links von mir sitzt Dr. Motte
rechts von mir klebt Justin Biber
der Meister selbst im Lampenfieber

und was das Bild nicht zeigen kann
das geht den Leser auch nichts an

Karotte an Hase
Rot haut die Vase
Alle hambra haben Spaß
nur Günther beizt ins Grass

und was das Bild nicht zeigen kann
das geht den Leser auch nichts an

Karotte an Karotte
das Wildschwein frißt die Rotte
Hase an Hase
ich Brüghel der Ältere die Nase

und was das Bild nicht zeigen kann
das geht den Leser auch nichts an

Froher Osten